Birthday Party

As you may have read in a recent post, it was my Birthday last week.

I celebrated last weekend with some friends by heading to Hakkasan in Las Vegas. (This is one of my favourite clubs on the Las Vegas strip)

I recently became the owner of a beautiful pair of patent black Pigalle Christian Louboutin shoes and wanted to wear them out for my birthday so I went to look around some of my favourite stores and found a fabulous outfit in H&M. The top is actually a very long blouse, it runs down longer than the skirt but I like the pattern of it and knew it would look great if I pulled it up and tucked it over, especially with this faux alligator mini skirt.

 IMG_3402  IMG_3403
 IMG_3405  IMG_3406

Blouse: H&m $25

I can see myself wearing this ALL THE TIME! I love the print and know that it will go with so many different items in my wardrobe.

Imitation alligator Leather Skirt $25 (Not the exact one but similar)

I picked up the skirt first because I love leather for Autumn and Winter and thought the faux alligator print was quite different, and gave it a luxurious look.

 IMG_3414  IMG_3423  IMG_3410  IMG_3409  IMG_3408
IMG_3456  IMG_3460  IMG_3461

To match my shoes I decided to wear a red lip: Kate Moss lasting Finish lipstick 107. 

Lashes are from Revlon 

 IMG_3418  IMG_3429  IMG_3419

My new Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120mm shoes

Alexander McQueen clutch

My go to black clutch, it is a couple of years old and I love it. It actually comes with a fingerless leather glove that snaps onto the front of the bag, but the glove can be a little much for most outfits.

 IMG_3471  IMG_3470
IMG_3463IMG_3527  IMG_3534 IMG_3533IMG_3531

I had an AMAZING time at Hakkasan, Moby was playing which was a little random but the music was excellent! The table beside us were very funny as one of the guys decided to make it rain with about $20 in singles so I went home with an extra $4… haha!


Thank you for reading!

Gina xxxx


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