Mellow Yellow Date Night

Last night was a dressy/ casual date night, we were supposed to go for dinner at Gordon Ramsey Burgr but they do not take reservations, and when we arrived the line to get a table was snaking around the casino floor… I am sure it is worth it BUT I was wearing my YSL shoes and they are really car-to-the-bar shoes, they are NOT suitable for standing in line! So we headed across the strip to Crystals of City Centre and enjoyed an AMAZING meal at Todd English P.U.B. followed by some fun and drinks in the Aria casino.


What I Wore:

 IMG_2593  IMG_2587
 IMG_2594 IMG_2614
IMG_2616 IMG_2631
Quotes to Drink to: Todd English P.U.B.
 IMG_2626  IMG_2633


The Brown Butter Lobster Rolls: YUM!

Thank you for reading,

Gina xxx



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