What I wore, Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen

Summer days: Safari Style

Yesterday was another gorgeous sunny day in Las Vegas, and it is difficult to look chic in triple digit weather. None the less I attempted to pull together a comfortable and casual look. The ensemble is pretty basic and brought together by the accessories.

Marc Jacobs sunnies, Fishtail braid and Alexander McQueen Scarf

I keep my make up pretty minimal on hot days, you can’t actually tell in this pic (thanks to Instagram filters) but I am wearing H&M bronzing powder, wet n wild blush Pearlescent Pink and Chanel lip gloss in Canari. I do have Ole Henrikson Protect the truth SPF 50+ on my face, I never go out without a high SPF on my face, even if it means I am pale with freckles.

I think everyone needs at least one pair of classic black sunglasses, mine are Marc Jacobs. It took me years to find a really good pair that sit on my face perfectly, and sunglasses are essential in Las Vegas.

My hair was not doing what I wanted it to do that day so I opted for a hat and a fishtail side braid in an attempt to get the situation under control.

What I wore, Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen

This is the full look all together. Starting from the top: My hat is from H&M, I actually got it from my mum, she bought it when she came to visit me at the beginning of summer and she was kind enough to leave it with me.

My black top is also from H&M, my favourite place to purchase all of my basic tees, and my white denim shorts are from Penneys in Ireland. The black and metallic gold sandals are from Forever 21.

My leopard print scarf is one of my prized possessions for two reasons: 1) it was a gift from my amazing boyfriend (who may have had help from my gorgeous best friend) and 2) it is an Alexander McQueen, one of my all time favourite designers.

My bag is the epi leather speedy from Louis Vuitton, I have had it for years, and it is getting a little worn but it ages well.

photo (1)

Thank you for reading, please leave me any questions or comments.

Gina xxx


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